Pulse Fitness is located on the Garden Level.  Please complete the Fitness Center Waiver located on the CousinsGo app under Amenities/Pulse Fitness.  Access will be added to your existing card/fob within 48 hours.

Available to you!

  • Brand New Cardio Equipment, including two new Peloton bikes and a rowing machine!
  • New Exercise Studio with an Echelon workout mirror and a Synrgy 180 training system!
  • Expanded Locker Rooms!
  • Expanded Weight Area!

Remember to bring!

  • Toiletries - towels are provided
  • Ear buds/Ear Phones - the cardio equipment is Bluetooth ready!

Apps to Download or you can sign up at the machine!

  • Peloton - If you have an account already, you can sign in. If not, you can make an account on the spot.
  • CousinsGo - If you have already completed the Pulse Fitness Center Waiver through the CousinsGo app, you should be all set!  If you have not already completed the Pulse Fitness Waiver, please go to the CousinsGo app, tap Amenities, scroll down and tap Pulse Fitness and then tap the link to the waiver.  Once the waiver has been submitted, please allow up to 48 hours for the access to be added to your card/fob.
  • Echelon - You can make an account on the spot to track your progress!  Touch the logo on the screen, when it turns blue, it means its on.

Locker Directions

To Lock:

  • Close the door.
  • Make sure the knob is pointing up to the unlocked lock Icon, then set ANY 2-digit code.
  • Turn knob to the lock Icon
  • Scramble the dials

To unlock:

  • Re-Enter your code.
  • Turn the knob up to the unlocked lock icon.
  • Open the door.
  • Keeping the knob facing the unlocked lock icon, scramble the dials for the next user.