Policies & Procedures

Building Access

Access - During and After Business Hours

Please provide the management office with a list of the names and phone numbers of at least three individuals who may be called to authorize admittance into the building for an employee or visitor who does not have appropriate security access identification. These individuals would also be contacted in the event of an emergency.

Building Rules & Regulations - Contractor Vendor

Contractor/Vendor Rules and Regulations - General Activity

General Information

  1. All requests and notifications to Cousins Properties shall be made by contacting the Customer Service Center at (404) 607-6700.
  2. All workers must be fully clothed (shirts, pants & shoes) at all times while on the Property or in the Building.
  3. Workers may not eat or take breaks in the public areas of the Building. Smoking will only be permitted on the loading dock and in the designated smoking area adjacent the Garage Elevator Lobby on Level 1. Cigarette butts shall be discarded responsibly.
  4. The Contractor shall be permitted to use the vending machines that are located on Level 6 of the Garage and the Loading Dock only.
  5. The Contractor shall be held liable for all damage done to the Property or the Building by any of his personnel or subcontractors. Any damage shall be reported immediately to Cousins Properties and corrected in a timely manner acceptable to Cousins Properties.
  6. While on the Property all workers shall conduct themselves in a professional and workman-like manner.
  7. Workers shall use restrooms and drinking fountains only on the floor on which the Project is located. NOTE: If floor is occupied, workers must use the service level restrooms and drinking fountain.
  8. All common areas and lobbies will be protected at all times and cleaned daily (floor cover).
  9. Contractors are not permitted to place phone calls from tenant or Management office phones.
  10. A minimum $50 fine will be imposed on the Contractor for any and all violations to these rules and regulations, whether such violation is caused by any employee of the Contractor or any employee of any subcontractor working on this Project.

Elevator Usage:

  1. Requests for elevator usage shall be in advance and addressed to Cousins Properties.
  2. Elevator usage will be limited to those times designated for deliveries above. Contractors and their personnel will use the freight elevator only.
  3. Immediately following elevator usage, the Contractor shall restore the elevator cab to its condition prior to being used.
  4. The Contractor shall be liable for all costs incurred resulting from any damage done to the elevator (including the elevator cab finishes) due to the Contractor's, any of his subcontractor's or vendor's over-loading, unbalanced loading or any other misuse of the elevator.
  5. At no time is the Contractor, subcontractor or any personnel allowed to use the passenger elevators.

Debris/Surplus Material Removal:

All debris or surplus material shall be removed from the Property by the Contractor. Property trash or recycling containers shall not be used. No debris shall be left on the loading dock.


  1. Any work which will generate noise levels unacceptable to the tenants may not be done after 7:30 a.m. or before 6:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday without prior approval of Cousins Properties.
  2. Before any work commences that may cause the fire alarm system to activate, the smoke detectors must be put in by-pass at the Security Control Center located on the Service Level and the detectors must be covered. All detectors are to be uncovered each night to ensure that the fire alarm system can detect possible problems. Failure to cover the detectors will compromise the integrity of the system and will require the General Contractor to replace the equipment at their expense.
  3. Contractors are responsible for the disposal of all hazardous waste in compliance with all state and local codes and regulations.
  4. Contractors are prohibited from using any odor causing or particulate generating practices during normal business hours.
Customer Alterations & Remodeling

Alterations to customer suites require the approval of the management office. Requests to make alterations should be sent in writing to the Property Manager. Only contractors approved by the management office can perform alterations. All construction contractors including general, electrical, plumbing and phone contractors must register with the management office at least one week prior to performing any work in the building. Installing or maintaining systems that affect the building’s infrastructure, such as HVAC equipment, electrical, or communication equipment, computer or alarm systems, power or fire protection, must also be coordinated with and approved by the management office.

Customer Functions & Guidelines

If you are planning a function (e.g., party, reception), please notify the management office at least two weeks in advance. The management office maintains certain policies and procedures that assist in coordinating events and limiting liability of the building. The management office may ask for the following: date and time of event, number of guests, presence of alcohol, parking requirements, overtime HVAC requirements, service elevator use, janitorial needs, electrical requirements (for sound equipment), security requirements, and certificates of insurance. A function may not be held in the common areas or on the building grounds without prior management approval.

Customer Services Price List

We are at your service to handle any of your lighting needs, keying requirements, signage needs, etc. For your convenience, please find the following price schedule for some of these services.

Should you desire any of these services, simply click on the "Service Requests" Quick Link and/or contact the Management Office at (404) 607-6700. If you are interested in a service not identified in the price list below, please feel free to contact the Management Office for assistance.

Services Rate Unit  Minimum
After Hours HVAC (per floor)
Mon.- Fri. after 6pm, Sat. after 1pm, and all day on Sun.
$45.00 Hour  2 hours
Security Access Cards $10.00  Each  N/A
Special Order Key  $13.50 Each  N/A
Specialized and/or Carpet Cleaning  Available Upon Request    



  1. Deliveries of supplies may be made during the Building's operating hours (7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday). All deliveries will be made only on the freight elevator. Deliveries that will tie the freight elevator up for longer than 30 minutes, or require more than 2 trips, must be scheduled after 6:00 p.m. or if accomplished in the morning, completed no later than 7:00 a.m. Deliveries after hours must be approved by Cousins Properties in advance.
  2. Furniture Moves must be scheduled after 6:00 p.m. or if accomplished in the morning, completed no later than 7:00 a.m. and must be approved by Cousins Properties in advance. All moves will be made only on the freight elevator.
  3. The Contractor is responsible for restoring the Property and Building to its prior condition immediately following all deliveries or moves.
  4. The Contractor shall be held liable for any and all damage done to the project, the building, or the property resulting from any delivery or move. Any damage shall be reported immediately to Cousins Properties and corrected in a timely manner acceptable to Cousins Properties.
  5. All deliveries must be received at the destination space. At no time shall any material be stored in any location other than the project without the prior approval of Cousins Properties in writing.
  6. All delivery vehicles must park in the designated delivery spaces provided on the property and vacate the space upon completion of the delivery.
Media Inquiries

Should you be contacted by the media regarding the property, please refer them to the Property Manager at 404.607.6784



All customer moves - into, out of, or within the building - must be coordinated with the Management Office. Please notify the Management Office of your proposed moving date and to schedule the freight elevator. The moving company must provide a certificate of insurance to the Management Office at least five days prior to the day of the move.

Cousins Properties also requires that the moving company provide protection for building floors, walls and elevators during loading and unloading. The freight elevator dimensions are: 57.5" wide, 100" deep and 144" high with a door clearance of 48" wide by 108" high. If you are not using a moving company, please call the Management Office for assistance in coordinating the use of the elevator and protection of floors, walls and elevators.

In general, moves must be undertaken during the non-business hours of 6:00pm - 7:00am Monday thru Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday, to simplify access to the building and minimize any disturbance to other tenants. If this is inconvenient, the Management Office will attempt to accommodate your schedule in every way possible.


It is Cousins Properties policy that all vendors and contractors providing moving services, remodeling, painting, construction, etc. to our tenants provide the Management Office with evidence of the following:

  • Workers' Compensation Insurance, with statutory coverages and limits, and Employers Liability Insurance with limits of $500,000 each accident, $500,000 disease-policy limit, and $500,000 aggregate disease-per employee;
  • Commercial General Liability insurance on an occurrence-based form with minimum limits of $1,000,000 each occurrence, $2,000,000 in the general aggregate, and $2,000,000 products/completed operations aggregate, containing broad form contractual liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage, and having a General Aggregate Limit endorsement, either for Designated Location(s) (ISO Form CG 25 04, or equivalent) or Designated Construction Project(s) (ISO Form CG 25 03, or equivalent);
  • Excess/Umbrella Liability insurance on an occurrence-based form with minimum limits of $4,000,000 each occurrence and $4,000,000 in the general aggregate;
  • Business Automobile Liability insurance covering all owned, hired and non-owned vehicles and equipment used by Contractor, with a minimum combined single limit of liability of $1,000,000 for injury and/or death and/or property damage (an Umbrella Liability policy can be used to meet the above-required limits);
  • Commercial Property Insurance covering all Contractor’s equipment and other property at the Project, which may be written on the Inland Marine form.

The Required Policies must be issued by carriers having an A.M. Best's Rating of A- or better, and an A.M. Best's Financial Size Category of VIII, or better, or Standard & Poor Insurance Solvency Rating A-, or better, and authorized to provide insurance in the state in which the Project is located.

Additional insured language must be listed as follows: 1230 Peachtree Associates, LLC and Cousins Properties Incorporated and their respective members, principals, beneficiaries, partners, officers, directors, employees, agents, shareholders, and lenders.

The Certificate Holder must be: 1230 Peachtree Associates, LLC c/o Cousins Properties Incorporated, 1230 Peachtree Street, NE, Suite G30, Atlanta, Georgia 30309

If your vendor is unwilling to provide the required certificate, they may be denied access to the building.

Rent Remittance

Rent should be paid by the first day of each calendar month during the term of the lease.

Please send checks to the following address:

Regular Mail

1230 Peachtree Associates LLC
PO Box 744667
Atlanta,GA 30384-4667

Overnight Mail

Bank of America Lockbox Services
Lockbox 744667
6000 Feldwood Rd
College Park,GA 30349


Please contact Sarah Schrampfer at 404.607.6794 or sschrampfer@cousins.com

Service Requests

Use the Service Request System to submit routine maintenance requests directly to the engineering department.

Questions regarding the Service Request System should be directed to the management office.


All signage being displayed outside your suite must be coordinated through the management office. If you wish to display a sign or notice in any public area of the building, prior written approval from the management office is required.


Canvassing, soliciting, peddling and loitering are not allowed anywhere on the property. If you are approached by a solicitor of any kind, or if you observe an individual engaged in such activities, contact the management office as soon as possible.


If you require additional storage space, please contact the management office.