Building Information

Building Staff

A highly trained, experienced group of management professionals is on site to ensure smooth daily operations. We invite you to contact the on-site staff regarding any needs or concerns.

Building Operations Staff

Property Manager
Robyn Ray
(404) 607-6784

Assistant Property Manager
Sarah Schrampfer
(404) 607-6794

Administrative Assistant 
Esmeralda Jimenez
(404) 607-6700

Director of Security 
Ken Allen
(404) 607-6789 

24/7 Command Center
(404) 607-6787

Garden Lobby Officer
(404) 607-6781

Chief Engineer
Shawn Jefferson
(404) 607-6786

Assistant Chief Engineer
Tommie Scott
(404) 607-6785

Building Service Requests Number
(404) 607-6700

Site Manager/Reef Parking
Brandon Hoover
(404) 607-6797



Customer Services Price List

We are at your service to handle any of your lighting needs, keying requirements, signage needs, etc. For your convenience, please find the following price schedule for some of these services.

Should you desire any of these services, simply click on the "Service Requests" Quick Link and/or contact the Management Office at (404) 607-6700. If you are interested in a service not identified in the price list below, please feel free to contact the Management Office for assistance.

After Hours HVAC (per floor)
Mon.- Fri. - after 6:00 pm
Sat. - after 1:00 pm
Sun. - all day long

$45.00 hr - 2 hr minimum

Security Access Cards
$10.00 Each

Special Order Key
Based on Invoice from 3rd Party Locksmith

Specialized and/or Carpet Cleaning
Available Upon Request

Meeting Rooms

Room Type:
Da Vinci Room
Seats 9 in a V-shape
$40 per hr for 1st three hrs
$20 per hr each additional hr
Daily Rate - $240

Picasso Room
Seats 32 in a rectangle/classroom style
$70 per hr for 1st three hrs
$30 per hr each additional hr
Daily Rate - $390

Cancellation Fee: $100 for any room combination when cancelling with less than 24 hours notice, reviewable on a case by case basis.


Energy Conservation

Promenade Tower has an authentic green commitment to sustainability by way of energy conservation, recycling, improving efficiency and reducing waste among other actions that produce significant benefits for the building, for our customers by way of reduced operating expenses and our communities. Customers can assist in our efforts to reduce energy costs by:

  • Closing window treatments during times when there is direct sunlight shining through the windows
  • Purchasing ENERGY STAR appliances, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, televisions, computers, water coolers, ice makers, etc. for your office. Please refer to the following link for ENERGY STAR certified product options,
  • Using ENERGY STAR power management settings on your computer and monitor so they go into power save mode when not in use
  • Turning off all lights, computers, copiers before leaving for the evening or the weekend
  • Unplugging electronics such as cell phones and laptops once they are charged. Adapters plugged into outlets use energy even if they are not charging
  • Replacing the light bulb in your desk lamp with an ENERGY STAR qualified bulb
  • Keeping air vents clear of paper, files and office supplies
  • Working with the building customer service team to create a Green Team of your co-workers who are "sustainability champions" to help build support for energy efficiency in your workplace

Every small effort we make within Promenade Tower to conserve energy will compound into big strides towards a more sustainable community and ultimately a more sustainable world.


Promenade Tower Property Removal Form

Vendor Insurance Requirements

Fitness Center Agreement located on the CousinsGo App (please reach out to the Management Office at 404-607-6700 for details)

HVAC Operation

HVAC System

The Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning system has been designed to provide customers with superior temperature and comfort. The HVAC system is tied to an energy management system, or EMS computer, that regulates office temperature throughout the building. Room sensors provide information to the power induction units (PIU’s) and variable air volume units (VAV’s) which will respond to programmed set points for temperature control.

The building will provide, at no additional cost, heating and air conditioning from 8am until 6pm, Monday through Friday, and 8am until 1pm on Saturday except legal holidays. Any customer requiring heating and/or air conditioning on Saturdays or beyond these hours can enter their service request online via the "Service Requests" Quick Link or by calling the Management Office at (404) 607-6700. All heating and/or air conditioning outside of the above hours is at an additional charge and must be requested at least 24-hours in advance of service or 48-hours for the weekends. Alternatively, your suite has an override switch that provides on-demand extended time. This will be tracked and an associated monthly bill will be added to your account.

Supplemental Units

Customer Supplemental Units installed at the time of suite construction or move-in are separate from the building’s EMS control; however, water is supplied continuously to them 24 hours a day. Customers are responsible for service and maintenance of these units and will be billed for the associated electrical usage.


Customers can extend HVAC on-demand by the use of their override switch located in your suite. This usage will be tracked and an associated monthly bill will be added to your account.

Janitorial Services

Promenade Tower's janitorial service provider predominantly uses non-toxic, environmentally preferable products to clean the building in efforts to continue to promote and support our green sustainable best practices campaign within the property.

Janitorial services are typically provided 5 nights a week, Monday - Friday. If you have any special cleaning requests, please submit a work order or contact property management  at 404.607.6700.

Lost & Found

Please report any lost or found items to the management office. Lost and Found items are kept in the Security Command Center for one month before being donated to charity.

Recycling Program

Promenade Tower practices single stream recycling. All your recyclables which would include any paper, plastic, and aluminum, will be placed in one, clear plastic-lined desk side container. All other 'regular' trash, which includes food waste, styrofoam cups and plates, coffee grounds, etc., will be placed in centralized, black plastic-lined containers in break rooms.

Please contact the Cousins Properties Property Management team for additional details at 404.607.6700.

Click here to download and view a Recycling Flyer

Trash Removal

Normal building trash removal is provided as a standard building service. Large-scale debris, such as debris following construction or minor renovations is your responsibility as the customer. For disposal of debris and boxes, please contact the management office. In addition, you as the customer are responsible for the removal of all medical, infectious or hazardous waste from the premises, including any needles, syringes and other articles or substances classified as medical, infectious or hazardous waste by law.  Any such removal must be approved by Cousins Properties and performed in compliance with applicable law. See previous link for recycling information.